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miniBB is a flat, linear, highly customizable BB

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Paul Puzyrev
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miniBB is a flat, linear, highly customizable BB. It features MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL.

Want to make your own discussion board? miniBB ( = mini bulletin board) is a free forum software, original PHP message board script, you can build online community on. Security, speed and stability - three S's of our conferencing software concepts.

Based on original technology, miniBB provides everything to make your web discussions fast, simple and attractive for visitors. First of all, it's a content- and support-oriented board.

One more pecularity, which makes miniBB the best around, is the advantage of the addons architecture. Install required plugins only: don't get annoyed with the features you won't use, build custom forum solution, unique from all the rest!

miniBB is based on PHP and SQL. They are two "whales" of today's Internet technology, and we could call miniBB the third one. Minimal PHP knowledge is required for configuration.

Almost every hosting plan includes PHP and mySQL installed, required for running a message board based on miniBB. Start your forum with minimum of traffic, and grow up to the biggest online conference in your area.

Here are some key features of "miniBB":
Complete working with PHP's register_globals set to OFF or ON.
Complete working with PHP's error_reporting set to ANY level (we're trying to develop our software's output as extra clear, even without Notices).
Color skins, language packs, easy and universal "hand-made" HTML-templates, detailed and complete CSS stylesheet - all of the above allows you to quickly and easily change the look of your miniBB.
Can be included from your own PHP script.
Can be united with your previous users database.
Ability to built-in miniBB into your own site, using your own PHP's header and footer.
Ability to use Apache's mod_rewrite URL handling for better compatibility with search engines like Google.
Interface language customization by users.
Easy and customizable search function, with options to search by username, post text and/or topic title within a selected forum only or through all forums.
Customizable date (PHP-like) format.
Basic BB codes (HTML replacements), which allow you to make your posts really good-looking. There is also an ability to turn on/off BBCode in posts.
Both anonymous and registered users can post messages in any forum by default, or you can make all forums only for registered users, changing one option. Registered users also can edit their messages.
Private, archive (read-only), post-only and registered-users-only forums.
Registered users can be notified via email, when their post or topic is replied, even if they are not authors of the topic. They can also unsubscribe anytime.
Special rankings and titles for registered users.
Moderators feature.
Advanced statistics for users and forums.
Powerful encrypted cookie or, optionally, session-logging and update system for every user.
Poster IP tracking, which can be accessed by administrator or moderator.
"Sticky" topics.
Expiration of message editing.
Switchable simple one-step and two-step email-registration.
Banning users by their IPs or IDs, optionally deactivating users.
Setting time difference, if server's time zone is different from yours.
Basic spam protection.
Powerful admin panel and tools.
Ability to protect all forums by a single password

miniBB 2.x requires PHP 4.1.0+ to be installed on your server, with magic_qoutes_runtime parameter set to OFF. For the miniBB version 1.x, you'll need PHP version 4.0.3+. mySQL database server 3.22.32 or higher required, or for 1.x, PostgreSQL database server 7.1.3 or higher. There are no limitations about server type or OS - miniBB should work with any common configuration, incl. Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X operating systems, and Apache, IIS web-servers. Below is the list of configs, which miniBB was tested on. If you have another configuration with miniBB working stable on it, please send it to us in corresponding format, like listed below.

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