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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 165K
Developer: Rusty Russell
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The Module-Init-Tools package contains programs for handling kernel modules in Linux kernels greater than or equal to version 2.5.47.


1a) If you want to install in /sbin:

./configure --prefix=/
make moveold (if installing for the first time).

"make moveold" renames the old insmod, modprobe, rmmod and lsmod to insmod.old, modprobe.old, rmmod.old and lsmod.old, and the matching manpages.


1b) If you want to install in /usr/local/sbin:

make links

"make links" makes links to the previous insmod, modprobe, rmmod and lsmod (which are in /sbin) in /usr/local/sbin

2) Now, build it:

make install

3) If running for the first time, you might want to convert your old modules.conf to modprobe.conf:

./generate-modprobe.conf /etc/modprobe.conf

4) If you are using devfs, copy modprobe.devfs to /etc

5) You will need to run "depmod" for your new kernel, eg:

depmod 2.5.50

6) If you want to hack on the source:

aclocal && automake --add-missing --copy && autoconf

If this is all too complicated, I recommend getting and installing the source rpm or debian package instead.

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