w3bfukk0r 0.2 review

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License: MIT/X Consortium License
File size: 11K
Developer: Nico Golde and Andreas Krennmair
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w3bfukk0r is a forced browsing tool which scans Web servers for a directory by using the HTTP HEAD command and a brute force mechanism based on a word list.

w3bfukk0r supports HTTP and HTTPS, does banner grabbing, and allows User-Agent faking.


Example output:

w3bfukk0r http://nion.modprobe.de
Starting w3bfukk0r 0.1
Scanning http://nion.modprobe.de/ with 76 words from words.txt

Found http://nion.modprobe.de/tmp/ (HTTP 200)
Found http://nion.modprobe.de/blog/ (HTTP 200)
Found http://nion.modprobe.de/img/ (HTTP 200)
Found http://nion.modprobe.de/setup/ (HTTP 200)

Found 4 directories.
Server runs: Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux) PHP/5.1.4-0.1~bpo2

Scan finished (5 seconds).

What's New in This Release:
Many bugs were fixed.
HTTP and HTTPS proxy support was added.
It's not possible to specify more than one URL to be scanned.
The man page was rewritten and extended, and extensive source documentation was added.

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