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MP3c is a special program for converting audio-cds to ogg/mp3-format

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Matthias Hensler
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MP3c is a special program for converting audio-cds to ogg/mp3-format. It is a frontend for every grab-program and mp3-encoder. Nearly every program should be supported. MP3c has two different run-modes: An interactive mode with a menu-enviroment (based on curses-lib), which can used on textconsoles as well under X11, and a batchmode, which allows automatic encoding of cds inside shellscripts (eg at night within cronjobs).

There are two different possibilities for encoding (depends on your ripper and encoder): Non-Fly encoding, where an audio-track is first grabbed from cds and then encoded, and On-Fly encoding, where grabbing and encoding is one step. Normally you should refer to Non-Fly encoding, since your cdrom-drive hasn't to work all the time, and some encoder produces a "click" at the beginning of mp3/ogg-files if On-Fly encoding is used. The only disadvantage of Non-Fly encoding is, that there is a temp-file, which can grow up to 50-100 MB sometimes.

Information about songtitle on your cds are received with help of CDDB database. In contrast to other programs, an CDDB-entry is detailed analyzed to find every information even for sampler-cds.

Creation of filenames is userdefined. You can use pattern to constitute the appearance of your mp3-files individually. Furthermore you can decide how spaces within filenames should be handled (you can allow them, convert them to underscores "_" or just kill them).

Interessting is the possibility of shellscript creation, which contains all functionality for encoding your cds. You can start these scripts as daemon-processes or run them at night inside a cronjob.

Recommended programs for the use of MP3c are: CDparanoia as audio-cd grabber, Encoder as MP3-encoder and MP3info for creating MP3-ID-tags. For OGG use oggenc. If you need, you can download these programs here, or a complete package with these programs inside. Furthermore you can download runable binaries, but only for glibc 2.1 (linux i386) at the moment. If you like to create RPMs and/or binaries for other systems and libraries, please send these to me, so that I can put it on my page.

What's New in This Release:
Switched to CDDB protocol level 5 to support detection and saving of year and genre information.

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