Wagtail 0.4 review

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Wagtail is yet-another-CD-ripping-and-encoding-wrapper

License: BSD License
File size: 50K
Developer: Duncan Martin
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Wagtail is yet-another-CD-ripping-and-encoding-wrapper. Wagtail is designed for bulk encoding, large collections and for people who take their encoding seriously. Wagtail won't suit everyone. The learning curve seems steep but it's really not that bad, to get going read the quickstart guide and you can always delve into the details later.

If you're installing or setting up Wagtail I have a strong recommendation to start with the quickstart guide then moving onto the full manual.

Here are some key features of "Wagtail":
Handles CD ripping, CDDB (including submission) encoding, tagging and moving of files.
Supports re-encoding of existing files/playlists.
User choice of software for each stage of processing and encoding.
Client/server architecture. Clients send files to the Server to be encoded. Both tasks can be performed by a single machine.
Files to be processed are queued on the server, i.e. no need for the client to wait for the server to catch up before sending more files.
Server can support multiple formats and quality levels.
Server supports multiple 'tasks' which define the encoded file naming scheme, arbitrary re-processing instructions, format choice restrictions etc.
Flexible naming rules for files and directories. Names can be based on file properties. Multiple

UNIX-like operating system
Perl version 5.who-can-tell
cddb.pm version 1.12 or later
A CD ripper, TOC identifier, encoder

What's New in This Release:
Added ';' as comment character in configuration files
Allow duplicate keys in config files to specify multiple/alternative values
Bugfix: ` wasn't escaped before being passed to commands

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