Mplinuxman 1.4 review

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Mplinuxman is a manager for the MPMan F60 portable MP3 player

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Tim O'Brien
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Mplinuxman is a manager for the MPMan F60 portable MP3 player. This player has PC connectivity through USB and it comes bundled with Windows manager software, which has its limitations. The main one being it cant be used on Linux! Well now you can, Mplinuxman uses Linux kernel support for USB devices, and can be set up for hot swapping. If you have an MPMan F60 its time to wipe quit windows and use Mplinuxman on linux.

Here are some key features of "Mplinuxman":
Easy to use interface using GTK 2
Downloading, uploading files to and from the player, deleteing,re-ordering files on the player
Playlist loading/saving and can create a random list of files to fit on the players available memory
Hot plugging, Mplinuxman can be set to start/stop when you connect/disconnect the MPMan
Lets you upload MP3s from the player to your PC unlike the Windows version
Uses default Linux console font to display ID3 tags on the player!

What's New in This Release:
Added support for building on Mac OS X, thanks to Kris
Added Japanese (by Shimada) and German (by Thomas) translations
Added format for camera, to format the SMC for other devices, eg camera and usb card reader. (patch by Tholom)
Support for MP-F55, changed the find devices routine to find F55
Decreased playlist/directory loading times.

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