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In a nutshell Myorgbook is an online agenda

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: mik3
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In a nutshell Myorgbook is an online agenda. It can keep track of your tasks, contacts and random notes.

It's made in PHP and needs a database, this can be MySQL but thanks to ADODB it can be almost any (R)DBMS.

PHP 4.1 or higer
MySQL or any other AdoDB supported Database
Apache or a similar webserver

What's New in This Release:
Changed e-mail check on signup, no editing is needed for windows platforms (I think, couldn't test it)
Removed all (that I could find) PHP notices.
Reminders on closed tasks removed
Updated ADODB to V4.52
Fixed timezone, should be working now


1. Download MyOrgbook (as you are reading this, I suppose you did that :-)
2. Unzip/tar whatever (as you are reading this, I suppose you did that :-)
3. Open the file inc/ in your favorite editor
4. Change $MyEmail value to your e-mail address (ie $MyEmail = "mik3@users,";) this is important, errors and feedback from users are directed to this address.
5. Change $MyName in to something usefull (ie $MyName = "CEO STFU Corp.") users get e-mail with your name.
6. If you are using any other database then MySQL change $db = NewADOConnection('mysql') to reflect your database
7. Change the settings of your database. $db->Connect("localhost", "DBUser", "DBPassword", "myorgbook"); Localhost is the host where MySQL is running, DBUser is the username needed to login, DBPassword the password associated with username, myorgbook represents the databasename. Example: $db->Connect("", "linda123", "AudiTT", "dbLinda123");
8. Create the table structure.
- If you have access to phpMyAdmin
- Create database (when needed)
- Use option under "Run SQL query/queries on database ..." called "Location of the textfile:", press browse button, find createdb.txt
- Console
a). start mysql
b). login
c). select database (USE ...)
d). run createdb.txt (source /path/to/createdb.txt)
- remove upgrade directory
9. In order for the reminders to work you'll have to setup a cron entry for every hour.
- Example for vixie cron:
- Check with 'crontab -l' if you have already cron entries.
- If you have crontab entries 'crontab -e' and add the following line. Otherwise make a file with the following line:
* * * * wget -q -O /dev/null
This bacically says run every hour at the first minute of the hour.
- If you had crontab entries, you're done. Otherwise 'crontab ' and you're done.
If you do not have access to a shell or don't have cron access.... Try pseudocron (
If you do not want reminders you can remove them from the template (Templates/ManageTask.tpl)
10. Make an account with the same e-mail address as used in $MyEmail, this account will have administrator rights (Caps make a difference!)

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