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Netwiser is a unique platform for network software development

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 366K
Developer: Bitwiser Labs
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Netwiser is a unique platform for network software development. Netwiser includes an easy to use graphical user interface and a C++ framework for creating all types of network-intensive applications.

Netwiser eases the difficulty of developing network applications and protocols by providing a higher-level of abstraction for creating network software. It provides you with a clear view of the network and a powerful set of tools to model, develop and deploy.

Here are some key features of "Netwiser":
Write code once. Netwiser handles deploying the exact same code to various operating systems, hardware platforms and even a network simulator. You can run production code in the simulator and use the same code base for modeling and production.
Use the simulator to easily debug problems discovered in the field. Simulate, deploy, discover problems, re-simulate, fix problems, re-deploy, repeat as needed.
The configuration of reuseable software components is a tedious process. Netwiser makes configuring your components as easy as point-and-click with its graphical editing environment.
Code that can be generated is generated. With Netwiser, the repetitive portions of your source code are generated automatically by the IDE.
Minimize your learning curve and maximize reuse by taking advantage of our easy to learn, flexible and extensible C++ API for networking software.
Create and manipulate complex network simulations graphically. No messy simulation scripts required!

Eclipse Project
The Boost Libraries
GDB (recommended)
GNU make (recommended)
Matlab (optional)

What's New in This Release:
A built-in C preprocessor has been added to the build system, drastically speeding up simulations on Windows (about 40 seconds faster per simulation).
The Netwiser project detection code has been improved, fixing a bug where some Netwiser projects were not detected as Netwiser projects on import.
Node IDs are now guaranteed to be unique within a simulation.
Several smaller bugs were also fixed.

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