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NeverNoid is an Arkanoid clone

License: Freeware
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Developer: doubleDEV
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NeverNoid is an Arkanoid clone. Although there are tons of free games of this type I felt I could do better (Any programmer can second that)

The name NeverNoid is a bit of a wordjoke :) "Nooit" is dutch for "Never" and is pronounced the same way as "Noid". "Never nooit" is also an expression you hear in The Netherlands sometimes and simply means "Never ever".

The game itself hardly needs explanation, but here's some general hints.

NeverNoid features 12 types of powerups/downs.

At some level in the game one or more floaters will enter the game. When hit your ball will instantly change direction. All they do is nag you.

A unique feature is the energy bar. Every time you pick up a powerup (or powerdown) the energy bar charges fully. During play the energy slowly drops and once it's depleted your powers go with it.

There are 40 unique maps with 5 levels of difficulty. After playing all maps on a difficulty levels you will start over at a more difficult level. Even though you can choose a new game at only 5 levels the difficulty will keep increasing during gameplay. That's 200+ levels of fun !

NeverNoid can be played with a mouse or using the keyboard (which makes it more difficult).


What's New in This Release:
added a highscore list
scoring system changed (thanks Ineke)

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