Valami Commander 0.4.2 review

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This program is a graphical file manager for linux like Total Commader for Windows

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 3378K
Developer: Tuska Balazs
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This program is a graphical file manager for linux like Total Commader for Windows. It has two panel as usual. It can handle some archive file, but there is no sftp handling, yet.


Note: On some Linux distribution (e.g. SuSE, Mandrake) after the rpm installation the
new directories will be created with wrong permissions.

There will not be read and execute permission to the group and the other. You have to change it to the users can use the program.

After starting the VC it will create its own directory in the user's home directory, the .vc directory. And it will copy the default config file, if there was not any. The program will restore the user's settings there.

When you start a program, it will be executed as a child the main program. When the program finished, it stucks. You can free the process: Options menu-] Free Child Process.
There are no copy in background
No sftp support
cannot handle directory copy to an archive file
cannot change fonts

What's New in This Release:
new tabbed "browsing" posibility. you can create tabs over the panel. so you have two main panel, and many other with tabs. 'ctrl+t' create new tab. this shortcut was the add bookmark (default). till now ctrl+b is the add directory to bookmark. you can close the tabs with middleclick on them or ctrl+f4 (the actual). The navigtion is done by ctrl+tab.
ctrl+shift+tab does not work (don't know why).
You can save the viewer window size (in the configure panel)
some other bugfix, maybe

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