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Onebase is a full fledged OS targeted at diverse users ranging from newbies to professionals

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Onebase Linux Project
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Onebase is a full fledged OS targeted at diverse users ranging from newbies to professionals. And with its exclusive set of network tools Onebase is ready for enterprises.

This is a community based effort where users and developers form an association to create and maintain a free operating system based on the linux kernel.

At the time of its creation (June 2003), there were many linux distros already available, many of which had their own feature that isnt found in another. So inorder to get the best out of the rest, we started this project and now it has a significant amount of its own specialities.

It consists of Onebase Linux - a full featured linux operating system and OnebaseGo - a portable OS.

OLM is its specialty and it comes with a lot of interesting stuff.

The installer of Onebase Linux is Net-based which means it provides you with a high-level of flexibility in selection of packages and mode of installation {source/binary}.

Also with this you can instantly download the latest packages available in OL-apps. Besides these, the installer CD is lightweight in size and has a longer life compared to its conventional counterparts.

Here are some key features of "Onebase Linux":
Onebase Linux Management
OL-apps software gallery
Installation and deploying
Support for both binary and source packages
Bleeding edge applications
Network OLM
Concurrency support
Install once and update w/o CDs
Automatic security updates
Menu and Configure tools
Many more features...
Easy .olm creation for applications

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