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Symphony is a distribution of GNU/Linux based on the Debian and KNOPPIX GNU/LINUX operating systems

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: SymphonyOS Project
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Symphony is a distribution of GNU/Linux based on the Debian and KNOPPIX GNU/LINUX operating systems. Symphony will do things a bit differently than other Linux operating systems; making it easier to use and more intuitive than most existing distributions.

Package Management: Because Symphony is designed for the home or small business desktop user, Symphony can standardize the core installation. By doing this, Symphony, and third party developers can provide binary packages of applications which include any libraries not included in the base install.

Because those developing the packages can know for sure what software is in a Symphony OS box and what is not, they can build packages without worries of "Dependency Hell".

Orchestra Environment: Symphony will include a simple application toolkit which allows developers to create gui applications much as they would create perl cgi scripts. Using a slimmed down version of Mozilla for rendering and a localhost only httpd server, Orchestra provides all the tools needed to provide a GUI to your perl applications.

Orchestra will be used in Symphony in the package manager GUI, System Configuration tools and in other places. A complete tutorial for creating Orchestra/Perl applications will be published here as soon as the first Symphony Release candidate is released to the public.

Here are some key features of "Symphony OS":
Provide a simple way of installing applications with or without an internet connection avoiding "Dependency Hell".
Provide a single graphical tool for installing deb packages, source packages, and Symphony binary packages.
Develop and easy to use rapid application development environment (Orchestra) for creating simple GUI apps that are highly portable and easy to install.
Provide users with an easy to use Desktop environment without using KDE or Gnome but rather with a lightweight window manager (icewm).
Provide an easy to use installer in the form of a minimal livecd which loads an installer in a full GUI environment.
Provide a repository of Symphony binary packages for end users.

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