OpenNTPD 3.9p1 review

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OpenNTPD is a FREE, easy to use implementation of the Network Time Protocol

License: BSD License
File size: 149K
Developer: Henning Brauer
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OpenNTPD is a FREE, easy to use implementation of the Network Time Protocol. OpenNTPD provides the ability to sync the local clock to remote NTP servers and can act as NTP server itself, redistributing the local clock.

Current NTP daemons are complex and difficult to configure and/or have questionable licenses. Because of this, only a limited number of systems run NTP, resulting in many machines that are off by months and even years.

Our goal is to make NTP ubiquitous by providing a free simple implementation that is secure and easy to configure.


Be as secure as possible. Code carefully, do strict validity checks especially in the network input path, and use bounded buffer operations. Use privilege separation to mitigate the effects of possible security bugs.

Provide a lean implementation, sufficient for a majority. Don't try to support each and every obscure usage case, but cover the typical ones.

Try to "Just Work" in the background.

Work with just a minimum of configuration.

Reach a reasonable accuracy. We are not after the last microseconds.

What's New in This Release:
This corresponds to the OpenBSD 3.9 release.
Support for "listen on *" has been added for several platforms.
Installation documentation has been improved.
Man pages are now generated in the correct format for each platform.
Various small problems have been fixed.

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