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oxine project is a lightweight gui for the famous xine engine which uses the on screen display functionality of xine to display its u

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Developer: Stefan Holst
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oxine project is a lightweight gui for the famous xine engine which uses the on screen display functionality of xine to display its user interface elements like buttons, lists sliders and so on.

Due to this, oxine can easily be ported to any video output device the xine library provides (e.g. frame buffer, dxr3,...) and is particularly suitable for appliances like set-top boxes, home entertainment systems or kiosk systems.

Here are some key features of "oxine":
x11, dxr3 and framebuffer output
mouse, keyboard and lirc support
autoplay dvd, vcd, svcd, cdrom and audio cd
browse and select from your own mediamarks
browsing through file system, m3u playlists and audio cd tracks
goom support
automatic stream title blending

Quite straight forward. Make sure that you have installed the latest version of xine-lib. At least beta9 is required. Then download and unpack oxine source tarball, change to the directory created and type.

./configure --prefix=/some/path
make install

If you checked oxine out of CVS make sure that you have recent versions of autoconf and automake installed. (Tested with: automake 1.7.2 and autoconf 2.57.) Then type

./autogen.sh --prefix=/some/path
make install

To set up autoplay functionality make sure of the following things:

cdrom or dvd drive is mountable by the user oxine runs with
cdrom or dvd device and mountpoint are set correctly. Default is device: /dev/dvd mountpoint: /dvd. To change this, run oxine one time and click on shutdown. Oxine will then create its default config file in your home (~/.oxine/config). While oxine is not running, edit this file with an editor.

If you use lirc, make sure that you don't have irxevent daemon running. Otherwise oxine may get all lirc events twice which is really frustrating. There is a default lircrc installed in $PREFIX/share/oxine. You can customize this file in place or - much better - copy it to ~/.oxine where it will not be overwritten if oxine is reinstalled. If you upgrade oxine, read the ChangeLog - the lirc file config options may change from time to time.

Start oxine with

oxine [options] [mrls...]

options are:

-h print command line help
-v print oxine's version
-f start in fullscreen mode
-V driver let xine use specified video driver e.g.: auto, xv, xshm, dxr3, ...
-A driver let xine use specified audio driver e.g.: auto, oss, alsa, ...

What's New in This Release:
Added support for configuring the main menu using an XML-file.
Added support for image buttons.
Added support for themes.
Added support for retrieving thumbnail images from .directory file.
Added support for retrieving disc name of CDROM.
Added support for VDR.
Added support for a simple weather report.
Added configuration value to set monitor pixel aspect ratio.
Added option to disable sorting of mediamarks.
Changed DTDs of mediamarks and favorites.
Removed image (slideshow) support again. People can start an external program if they really need this functionality.

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