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Papyrus project is an XML reporting engine for Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 838K
Developer: Papyrus Team
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Papyrus project is an XML reporting engine for Linux. Papyrus enables you to generate reports from a variety of different SQL databases.

Your reports can be generated as PDF, PostScript, XML, HTML, DVI, Latex or straight ANSI text. Papyrus will correctly represent the reports in each of these outputted mediums with as much support as it can provide.

The Papyrus XML language is aimed from a formatting perspective. To give you the ability to generate the best looking reports at ease.

Papyrus reports are written in XML. This XML file contains SQL database queries, equations, formatting and layout. Reporting is done in a two phase process. In the first phase the SQL statements and equations are excuted.

The second phase handles all the formatting and layout. While reports are normally printed, we developed a number of different ways which report are generated.

There are three main reporting output engines, a latex, ANSI and HTML version. Your reports do not need to be modified between output versions, so you can export to different media without problems.

The latex version is normally used for generating PDF and PostScript reports and is bet suited for paper printed reports. HTML is designed for the reports for the web, which can be a powerful addition to any large web application. The ANSI was designed for line printers but is also useful in unix for piping.

What's New in This Release:
A CSV output engine was added.
A new build system based on Scons was implemented.
All components were ported to Windows.
A pagefoot tag was added for footers.
A number of user interface problems and bugs were fixed in papyrus_gui.

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