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PHlyMail is a PHP written Webmail and data hosting application

License: Free for non-commercial use
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Developer: Matthias Sommerfeld
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PHlyMail is a PHP written Webmail and data hosting application. It features folders, unlimited POP3 profiles, SMS support (send short messages to cell phones), templates, and multilingual support.

PHlyMail uses either sendmail or SMTP to send email, and can handle MIME. Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) ?s included.

Through its modular design, various new functions (like RSS, personal file storage, a bookmark manager, etc.) are easily included.

System Requirements Webserver


5.x from version 5.0.0
safe_mode = "0" 1)
open_basedir = NULL 1)

Session management active und configured correctly

Extensions iconv or mbstring are installed and configured (optional)
c-client (IMAP) extension is installed and configured (only for IMAP) 5)

Webserver capable of running PHP scripts (e.g. Apache)
MySQL as of 3.23.xx
Sendmail or SMTP (Recommended: SMTP)
Linux or other UN*X like OS
Correctly set: Access permissions, Owner, Group 2)
Communication with ports 110 3) (POP3), 25 3) (SMTP) and 80 (HTTP) is possible
A way to run CronJobs or Deamons (optional) 4)

Requirements for the Browser

The new frontend demands for high capabilites of the browser used, since many things like sensible context menus and the calendar view are currently only possible via JavaScript and its DOM. That's why the browser must be capable of the following things:

JavaScript 1.5, DOM 2.0
CSS 1, CSS 2

Browsers, which have a good command of the DOM used are, for example, current Mozillas (Firefox 1.0, Mozilla 1.7, Netscape 7) and Internet Explorer 6.
Our current level of knowledge says, that Opera unfortunately does not comply enough with standards and therefor cannot be used.

What's New in This Release:
This is basically a general overhaul of many core functions, while adding a few new functions such as the ability to point your system folders (Inbox, Sent, etc.) to any folder, and shortcuts to access many of the available operations via the keyboard.
All known bugs from the betas have been fixed.

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