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phpGraphy is a free photo gallery PHP script released under GPL license

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Christophe Thibault
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phpGraphy is a free photo gallery PHP script released under GPL license. Since its beginning, it has been written with simplicity and efficiency in mind following the KISS philosophy.

It should fit many needs, thanks to it's easy installation process, it can be setup in less than 3 min to put a small photo gallery online.

For users with thousands of pictures, don't worry as phpGraphy does use a real directory tree to store the pictures (as you probably already have on your hard-drive), you'll just have to upload your whole picture collection et voila, phpGraphy will generate the thumbnails and low-resolution pictures for you and even better, it can also auto-import IPTC description in the database (if already embeded in your pictures).

phpGraphy project integrates a bunch of nice features like comments, rating, EXIF/IPTC handling.

Here are some key features of "phpGraphy":
On-the-fly Thumbnail/Low resolution picture generation
Unlimited Categories and Sub-categories (it uses directories)
Integrated fast text database mode (MySQL also supported if prefeered)
Users comments
Rating system
Web/FTP picture upload
Top Rated/Last Commented pictures pages
User level support to protect pictures/directories from unwanted people
EXIF/IPTC metadata support (hot!)
Multilingual support (English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Dutch/Russian/Hebrew)
Web interface management
Lossless jpeg rotation support (via exiftran/jpegtran)
Video, sound and text files support
Layout/Text very easy to change
W3C compliant XHTML 1.1 Compliant CSS 2.0 Compliant (visitor interface only)
Highly configurable
Free (under GPL license)

A webserver with PHP 4.1.0 or greater (PHP 4.3.x recommended to get full functionnality)


convert utility from ImageMagick if your PHP configuration doesn't support the use of GD (used for automatic thumbnail/lowres picture generation)
MySQL if you prefeer using it instead of the default fast text database
exiftran or jpegtran for the lossless jpeg rotation

What's New in This Release:
This release is the first stable one to introduce Templates, Slideshow, Square thumbs, and more.
It fixes a security hole related to the .welcome edition.
All users are encouraged to upgrade.

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