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PiKdev project is a simple graphic IDE for the development of PIC-based applications

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 577K
Developer: PiKdev Team
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PiKdev project is a simple graphic IDE for the development of PIC-based applications. PiKdev is developed in C++ under Linux and is based on the KDE environment.

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Here are some key features of "PiKdev":
A full featured multiview editor, with line numbering, bookmarks, syntax highlighting and tabbed access to various buffers,
A one-click interface with the gpasm GPL PIC assembler and gplink linker, with automatic jump to faulty instructions in the case of assembly errors,
A one-click interface with the gpdasm GPL PIC disassembler.
A project manager with standard functionnalities (create project, open project, open recent project, add file, remove file, configure project, etc),
A programming engine which allow programming various flavors of PIC microcontrollers via classic (ie: D. Tait or JDM compatible) programming hardware connected to the parallel port or to the serial port.

PiKdev is based on the Kate editor, which is part of the standard KDE distribution.

The programming engine of PiKdev can be used from a non graphical user interface named pkp. pkp has a simple command line interface and can be used by people who do not use KDE or use an old Linux distribution.

I plan to add support for the C language, but it is actually not clear what is the more convenient compiler to do that. This compiler will be sdcc or a home-made compiler based on Ron Cain's Small-C, or another compiler. If you are interested by this project, please contact me.

What's New in This Release:
Partial rewrite of internal programmer driver integration framework : This rewrite is intended to prepare support for external programmers. The development of new device drivers have been simplified and is more generic: one can now write less code to support more devices.
New devices : Due to rewrite of driver integration framework, many new devices are now supported. Please consult the exact list below.This list contains up to 158 device references, so it is impossible for me to test all this stuff. All the devices support I have tested work, but I can't offer any guarantee about the others. I ask pikdev users to systematically report their experiences, so I will be able to maintain a list of really tested devices on PiKdev homepage.
User interface: Improved programmer widget : The programmer widget now displays a progress bar and user interface is no longer freezed during long programming operations. Moreover, the config bits configuration widget now displays tooltips documenting each bit of the CONFIG registers. This feature was technically already implemented, but supported by a limited range of drivers. It is now usable with all devices and is very handy.
pkp revamped : pkp, the stand alone programmer build onto PiKdev programming engine now supports a complete command line mode. Old interactive mode is still available when one run pkp without any argument. Remember that pkp doesn't need neither Qt nor KDE to work.
The following devices are supported, for both JDM and TAIT style programmers:

Pic 10F devices
p10f200 p10f202 p10f204 p10f206
Pic 12F devices
p12f508 p12f509 p12f629 p12f635 p12f675 p12f683
Pic 12C devices
p12c508 p12c508a p12c509 p12c509a p12c671 p12c672 p12ce518 p12ce519 p12ce673
Pic 16C devices
p16c620 p16c620a p16c621 p16c621a p16c622 p16c622a p16c62a p16c62b p16c63a
p16c64a p16c65a p16c65b p16c66 p16c67 p16c71 p16c710 p16c711 p16c712 p16c716
p16c72 p16c72a p16c73a p16c73b p16c745 p16c74a p16c74b p16c765 p16c773
p16c774 p16c923 p16c924 p16c925 p16c926 p16ce623 p16ce624 p16ce625 p16cr62
p16cr620a p16cr63 p16cr64 p16cr65 p16cr73 p16cr74 p16cr76 p16cr77 p16cr83
Pic 16F devices
p16f505 p16f54 p16f627 p16f627a p16f628 p16f628a p16f630 p16f636 p16f639
p16f648a p16f676 p16f684 p16f685 p16f687 p16f688 p16f689 p16f690 p16f73
p16f74 p16f76 p16f77 p16f818 p16f819 p16f83 p16f84 p16f84a p16f87 p16f870
p16f871 p16f872 p16f873 p16f873a p16f874 p16f874a p16f876 p16f876a p16f877
p16f877a p16f88
Pic 18F devices
p18f1220 p18f1320 p18f2220 p18f2221 p18f2320 p18f2321 p18f2410 p18f2410
p18f242 p18f2420 p18f2450 p18f2455 p18f248 p18f2480 p18f2515 p18f252 p18f2520
p18f2525 p18f2550 p18f258 p18f2580 p18f2585 p18f2610 p18f2620 p18f2680
p18f4220 p18f4221 p18f4320 p18f4321 p18f4410 p18f442 p18f4420 p18f4450
p18f4455 p18f448 p18f4480 p18f4510 p18f4515 p18f452 p18f4520 p18f4525
p18f4550 p18f458 p18f4580 p18f4585 p18f4610 p18f4680 p18f5620 p18f6525
p18f6621 p18f8525 p18f8621

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