Pike ScriptRunner 0.5 review

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Pike ScriptRunner allows you to run Pike scripts and PSP files under non-pike based web servers

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 64K
Developer: Bill Welliver
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Pike ScriptRunner allows you to run Pike scripts and PSP files under non-pike based web servers. Pike ScriptRunner project is a FastCGI application that runs under pretty much any web server that supports FastCGI.

Because ScriptRunner uses FastCGI, its performance should be close to embedded language solutions like mod_perl, but with a lot less worries about security and overflows. With ScriptRunner you can introduce all of your friends to Pike without forcing them to suffer bad performance or (more likely) give up their attachment to Apache.

In addition, ScriptRunner does a lot of the unpleasant work of parsing incoming requests, allowing you to get right to the task of writing your code.

Right now, it's pretty early on in its development, so there are a lot of niceties present in Roxen or Caudium that aren't available, and it's not terribly well tested, so it could have some nasty bugs.

Enough raw functionality is available to be highly useful; hopefully there will be interest in improving things in this area. ScriptRunner contains code written by others over the years; this is really more of a gathering of snippets into something more readily useful to others.

Here are some key features of "Pike ScriptRunner":
Multi-threaded request handling
Persistent interpreter
Compiled object caching
Session handling (optional on a per-page/script basis)
Incoming requests are parsed and passed to you in a RequestID object.
Handles FCGI processing for you. Just return a string or control mapping from your parse() method.
Preliminary Pike Server Pages support, which allows you to mix HTML and Pike in the same page.
Tested to work with mod_fastcgi and mod_actions on Apache 1.3+

Pike 7.6+

What's New in This Release:
The -p option was added to allow starting up with a listen port.
The SCGI runner was added, which doesn't require any external libraries.
This was tested to run under lighttpd.

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