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Pine is a tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages

License: Free To Use But Restricted
File size: 3000K
Developer: University of Washington
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Pine is a tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages. Pine was designed by the Office of Computing & Communications at the University of Washington specifically with novice computer users in mind, but it can be tailored to accommodate the needs of "power users" as well.

Pine project uses Internet message protocols (e.g. RFC-822, MIME, SMTP, IMAP, NNTP) and runs on Unix and PCs.

Pine's message composition editor, Pico, is also available as a separate stand-alone program. Pico is a very simple and easy-to-use text editor offering paragraph justification, cut/paste, and a spelling checker.

Here are some key features of "Pine":
Online help specific to each screen and context.
Message index showing a message summary which includes the status, sender, size, date and subject of messages.
Commands to view and process messages: Forward, Reply, Save, Export, Print, Delete, capture address, and search.
Message composer with easy-to-use editor and spelling checker. The message composer also assists entering and formatting addresses and provides direct access to the address book.
Address book for saving long complex addresses and personal distribution lists under a nickname.
Message attachments via the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) specification. MIME allows sending/receiving non-text objects, such as binary files, spreadsheets, graphics, and sound.
Folder management commands for creating, deleting, listing, or renaming message folders. Folders may be local or on remote hosts.
Access to remote message folders and archives via the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).
Internet news support via either NNTP or IMAP.
Aggregate operations, e.g. saving a selected set of messages at once.

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