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Mahogany is an OpenSource cross-platform mail and news client

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Vadim Zeitlin
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Mahogany is an OpenSource cross-platform mail and news client. It's available for UNix and Winows, supporting many protocols for mailing, and cryptology support(MIME) and SSL.

Mahogany is being developed by a team of volunteers (and we are always looking for more help from the community) and we are naturally using the free libraries and tools: we use the free cross-platform wxWidgets C++ application framework for the GUI part (its wxGTK port uses yet another free library GTK+) and the free c-client library developed at the University of Washington for mail folder access. Finally, SSL support is implemented using OpenSSL.

The Mahogany project is graciously hosted at SourceForge.

Here are some key features of "Mahogany":
Full support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP and several different mail folder file formats including MBOX, MBX and MH).
Support for multiple mail folders and servers, possibility to check many incoming mail folders.
Full MIME support, MIME editing in composition window, support for external viewers. Support for inline display of graphics in mail viewer, no external viewer needed. Support for clickable URLs. Nicely formatted printing of messages.
Sorting and threading of messages including support for server-side sorting and threading for IMAP servers
Optional HTML viewing.
Support for fax receiving via
Support for X-Faces and user-defined message headers.
Embedded python interpreter for powerful scripting with full object-oriented access to Mahogany's internal structures and classes.
Powerful complete address and contact management database, including optional auto-collection of addresses from emails.
Extensive configurability, optionally different configurations for different mail folders.
Full internationalisation support, Mahogany can speak your language.
User-friendly GUI, Unix version based on GTK.
Full support for emacs BBDB email address databases.
Tree-based hierarchical folder management in main window.
Context sensitive, HTML based help system.
Secure communications for all protocols over SSL and/or TLS.
Easy to use and powerful filtering options.
PalmOS handheld mail sending and synchronisation.
Message templates for fully configurable replies and easy message editing.
Extensive search options (by author, subject, full text, etc).
Support for Fax mailers.
Dialup network management

What's New in This Release:
Changes: New integrated statistical spam filter (DSPAM); Unix version now uses GTK+ 2; better support for sharing preferences between multiple installations; automatic selection of the message viewer best suitable for the message contents and many other improvements and bug fixes

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