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PMD is a Java source code analyzer

License: BSD License
File size: 0K
Developer: Tom Copeland
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PMD is a Java source code analyzer. PMD finds unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, and more. PMD project includes CPD, a tool to detect chunks of identical code

PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems like:

Possible bugs - empty try/catch/finally/switch statements
Dead code - unused local variables, parameters and private methods
Suboptimal code - wasteful String/StringBuffer usage
Overcomplicated expressions - unnecessary if statements, for loops that could be while loops
Duplicate code - copied/pasted code means copied/pasted bugs

PMD is integrated with JDeveloper, Eclipse, JEdit, JBuilder, BlueJ, CodeGuide, NetBeans/Sun Java Studio Enterprise/Creator, IntelliJ IDEA, TextPad, Maven, Ant, Gel, JCreator, and Emacs.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed bug 1498910 - AssignmentInOperand no longer has a typo in the message.
Fixed bug 1498960 - DontImportJavaLang no longer reports static imports of java.lang members.
Fixed bug 1417106 - MissingBreakInSwitch no longer flags stmts where every case has either a return or a throw.
Fixed bug 1412529 - UncommentedEmptyConstructor no longer flags private constructors.
Fixed bug 1462189 - InsufficientStringBufferDeclaration now resets when it reaches setLength the same way it does at a Constructor
Fixed bug 1497815 - InsufficientStringBufferDeclaration rule now takes the length of the constructor into account, and adds the length of the initial string to its initial length
Fixed bug 1504842 - ExceptionSignatureDeclaration no longer flags methods starting with 'test'.
Fixed bug 1516728 - UselessOverridingMethod no longer raises an NPE on methods that use generics.
Fixed bug 1522054 - BooleanInstantiation now detects instantiations inside method calls.
Fixed bug 1522056 - UseStringBufferForStringAppends now flags appends which occur in static initializers and constructors
Fixed bug 1526530 - SingularField now finds fields which are hidden at the method or static level
Fixed bug 1529805 - UnusedModifier no longer throws NPEs on JDK 1.5 enums.
Fixed bug 1531593 - UnnecessaryConversionTemporary no longer reports false positives when toString() is invoked inside the call to 'new Long/Integer/etc()'.
Fixed bug 1512871 - Improved C++ tokenizer error messages - now they include the filename.
Fixed bug 1531152 - CloneThrowsCloneNotSupportedException now reports the proper line number.
Fixed bug 1531236 - IdempotentOperations reports fewer false positives.
Fixed bug 1544564 - LooseCoupling rule now checks for ArrayLists
Fixed bug 1544565 - NonThreadSafeSingleton now finds if's with compound statements
Fixed bug 1561784 - AbstractOptimizationRule no longer throws ClassCastExceptions on certain postfix expressions.
Fixed a bug in AvoidProtectedFieldInFinalClass - it no longer reports false positives for protected fields in inner classes.
Fixed a bug in the C++ grammar - the tokenizer now properly recognizes macro definitions which are followed by a multiline comment.
Modified C++ tokenizer to use the JavaCC STATIC option; this results in about a 30% speedup in tokenizing.
Implemented RFE 1501850 - UnusedFormalParameter now catches cases where a parameter is assigned to but not used.
Applied patch 1481024 (implementing RFE 1490181)- NOPMD messages can now be reported with a user specified msg, e.g., //NOPMD - this is expected
Added JSP support to the copy/paste detector.
Placed JSF/JSP ruleset names in rulesets/
Added the image to the ASTEnumConstant nodes.
Added new XSLT stylesheet for CPD XML->HTML from Max Tardiveau.
Refactored UseIndexOfChar to extract common functionality into AbstractPoorMethodCall.
Improved CPD GUI and Designer look/functionality; thanks to Brian Remedios for the changes!
Rewrote the NOPMD mechanism to collect NOPMD markers as the source file is tokenized. This eliminates an entire scan of each source file.
Applied patch from Jason Bennett to enhance CyclomaticComplexity rule to account for conditional or/and nodes, do stmts, and catch blocks.
Applied patch from Xavier Le Vourch to reduce false postives from CloneMethodMustImplementCloneable.
Updated Jaxen library to beta 10.

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