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Xrefactory is a plugin for Emacs, XEmacs, and jEdit which provides code completion, source browsing, and refactorings

License: Other/Proprietary License with Free Trial
File size: 2181K
Developer: Marian Vittek
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Xrefactory is a plugin for Emacs, XEmacs, and jEdit which provides code completion, source browsing, and refactorings. It is based on full pre-processing, parsing, and static analysis of sources and works with the C, C++, and Java languages.

Xrefactory contains a stand-alone cross referencer, and a generator for HTML documentation.

Here are some key features of "Xrefactory":
Full integration with Emacs and XEmacs.
Available on Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows systems (other platforms on demand).
Source browsing based on our own tag implementation supporting multiple preprocessing passes and resolving scopes, accessibilities, overloading and polymorphism.
Functions for finding forgotten symbols.
Detection of unused variables, methods and functions.
Browsing of class inheritance tree.
Code completion auto-updated after each modification of source code without need for recompilation.
Refactorings for method (function) extraction; renaming of namespaces, classes, parameters, variables, fields (structure records) and methods (functions); insertion, deletion and moving of parameters. Refactorings are safe with detection of possible conflicts.
Capable of generating HTML documentation with fully cross referenced source code and 100% of correctly resolved symbols.
Back mapping preprocessor solves problems introduced by macro expansions, conditional directives and file inclusions.
Professional C++ front-end from EDG allows to accept ANSI C++ as well as GNU g++, Sun CC and Microsoft MSVC++ language dialects.
Designed to work with the largest projects. Xrefactory can index millions of lines of code within several minutes. It is capable of updating its index by reparsing only modified files.
Multiple projects support with project auto-detection.
Interfacing Emacs IDE functions from the compile.el and comint.el packages.
Full undo under Emacs and XEmacs.

What's New in This Release:
A problem with an annoying "mangled name too long" error has been fixed.
A problem when a class used as an actual template parameter couldn't be renamed has been fixed.
Gcc emulation has been upgraded to new versions of gcc.
Wildchars can be used in the -prune option.
Xrefactory can now accept #line preprocessor directives.
There are a few other minor improvements.

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