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QFE is full-featured FTN message editor with a graphical interface

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Alexander Shiyan
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QFE is full-featured FTN message editor with a graphical interface. QFE is written on C++/Qt and does not depend on either KDE or Gnome.

All operations with FIDO message base use fidoconfig and smapi packages from HUSKY project.

I write qfe for Linux, but it works on Win32, and in theory, it should compile & work on all Qt-supported platforms.

What's New in This Release:
Fix crash when append address from main list into AddressBook.
Added support for view JPEG-images in GIF-kludge.
Added example fidoconf configuration file.
Added "group description" field to area-property dialog.
Added Geek viewer (Read about 'Geek' on http://www.geekcode.com/).
Added "Summary base size" field in area property dialog.
Win32 binary version now contain some HUSKY-related utilites.
Implement "Archive area". Important messages may stored in this local area.
Proper error messages when errors found in fidoconf configuration file.
Added "clipboard.tpl" template for format text inserted from clipboard.
Extend some debug messages in "Debug"-mode.
Fixes for PID-kludge as described in FSC-0046.
Fixes for quoting as described in FSC-0032.
QFE now not use SMAPI! We use own classes and functions for access to
Added "-l" command line option, which override language for interface.
Fixes for compile on MacOS X.
Fixes for compile on x86_64 platform.
Update Binreloc library.
Major fixes and enhancements.

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