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Recon is an SSL audit tool, checking for common, certificate-related errors in SSL-enabled services

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 82K
Developer: BrandXDev
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Recon is an SSL audit tool, checking for common, certificate-related errors in SSL-enabled services. Provide it a list of SSL services for which you are responsible, it runs them periodically, a Recon will warn you of impending certificate expirations, mismatched certificate names or unavailable services.

Recon is written in Java and uses no native methods (for example: no JNI calls), and should work on any OS running Java2, v1.4.1 or later (For more information on Java2, please see
Other (non-Sun) JDK implementations of the v1.4 family may work.
Brandxdev has successfully run stub tests for Recon under Sun Solaris 8/Sparc and RedHat Linux 9/i386.
If you successfully run Recon using another vendor's JDK/JSSE implementation or under any other OS/hardware combination, please contact Brandxdev using the contact info above.

What's New in This Release:
Recon now supports exclusions from the global proxy list, similar to a web browser. Details are in the README file.
resolved a special case when parsing the service list, which caused a fatal XML/character set exception
Recon now supports proxy authentication; see the README doc for details.
Some proxies/services return HTTP 1.1 status even though Recon explicitly requests 1.0. Recon now does a more intelligent job of checking this return
value, so the 1.1 status does not confuse it.. changed Recon from "executable jar" format back to free-form class format. The former requires that an
application be self-contained (e.g. it ignores the classpath, using only the autoloaded JRE/JDK classes and those inside the JAR), so if the JavaMail
classes were not installed as JDK extensions, the app would claim it couldn't find those classes.
Tightened up the XML parsing of the service list. other
fixed a typo in the docs concerning how to run Recon from the commandline. (The wrapper script had the proper syntax, but the doc did not.)

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