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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 34K
Developer: Jeremy Malcolm
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sadlittlewebjournal is a Weblog written in Perl that utilizes PostgreSQL or MySQL and a straightforward ASCII interface.

Site maintenance is done via an intuitive backend that allows one to add, delete, and modify previous entries.

Other features include an integrated guestbook, a Web stat chart complete with ASCII bar graphs, and various other modularized features.

perl 5.6+ (although perl 5.0x should be fine if you comment out use warnings and change our declarations)
mysql 6.4.1+ || PostgreSQL 7.1+
Date::Calc, DBD/DBI, HTML::Entities, HTTP::Date and Time::HiRes Perl modules
CGI perl module if you wish to be able to upload images


1.) Change a few values in (yes, variables _could_ be put in a better place)
2.) Set up a mysql or PostgreSQL database with the included slwj-*.sql file
3.) Put a clever ascii image in headers/logo.txt
4.) Modify the .htaccess file in the admin directory to your liking

What's New in This Release:
Spam filtering has been improved, and now works on replies as well as guestbook entries, with a user-editable blacklist.
Email notification of new replies and guestbook entries to the site owner has been added.

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