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Kahenbook is a CGI/Perl guestbook

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Sebastian Breier
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Kahenbook is a CGI/Perl guestbook. I needed a simple guestbook with only few features but with good customization (simple templates).

Unfortunately I didn't find anything decent on SourceForge, FreshMeat and Google; Most of the scripts lacked the customizability of templates, others had drawbacks in administration (I can't expect a non-programmer to fill in posting IDs into a text field to delete something).

So I wrote my own guestbook. It can't do much, but it fits my needs.

The name "kahenbook" is made up of the Japanese "kahen" (can be translated as "customizable") and the English word "book" (from "guestbook").

Here are some key features of "KahenBook":
Templates that are easy to create, almost fully customizable
Entries have accurate time, name, E-Mail address and homepage URL
Intelligent algorithm for linking to further guestbook pages (I'm really proud of this one, unfortunately You'll see this one first when you've got about 1.000 entries = 50 pages)
Delete shows the posting to be deleted

Limitation of 20 entries per guestbook page is hardcoded
Administrator username and password are quite unflexible
Limitation of 65.535 entries total (MySQL)

Kahenbook needs a webserver with CGI/Perl and a MySQL database.
Additionally, for the installation You'll need some knowledge of Perl.

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