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Sethi Guestbook is a multi-format guestbook script written in PHP

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Ricky J. Sethi
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Sethi Guestbook is a multi-format guestbook script written in PHP. It features page spanning, (optional) private comments, user-selection of number of entries per page to display, multiple guestbook formats (elegant, simple, or standard), and background color. No database is required.


1. Create a directory;
2. Make sure it's read-write-execute'able by everyone;
3. Put index.php in there (make sure it's read'able by everyone);
4. Set the options/customizations:
1. "File Locations" will be automatically set but customize as you please;
2. "Authentication Functionality" should be customized
3. "GuestBook Functionality" should be customized
4. "GuestBook Appearance" is where you can customize the displayed text
5. "GuestBook Appearance Template" should likely *not* be customized
5. Make sure you have php (with gd support) on your system and get the three images (transparent-pixel.gif, post.gif, go-black-tiny-button.gif) from

What's New in This Release:
A $basehref issue with IE was fixed.
IE should now correctly display all images.

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