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SDLjump is a clone of the Xjump game

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Juan Pedro Bol?var Puente
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SDLjump is a clone of the Xjump game. Jump as long as you can!

SDLjump is a clone of the simple yet addictive game Xjump, adding new features like multiplaying, unlimited FPS, smooth floor falling, themable graphics etc...

The goal in this game is to jump to the next floor so you don't fall down. As you go upper in the Falling Tower the floors will fall faster.

Try to survive longer than anyone. It might seem too simple but once you've tried you'll realize how addictive this is.


What's New in This Release:
New Features:
Improved menu system: adds mouse, new options and reorganized and cleaner menus structure.
Sounds (themable).
New theme featuring Guillermo Puertas
Language files separated from theme files.
Spanish translation added.
In game time counter.
Date added to the highscores list.
Indicator showing the just achieved record added to the highscores list.
Unix users: config and highscores files moved to ~/.sdljump. The program now also looks for themes en translations into that folder.

Bugs solved:
I'm sorry but I didn't keep track of them, but I can assure that almost every existing bug has been solved.

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