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Simple is an XML serialization framework for Java

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Niall Gallagher
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Simple is an XML serialization framework for Java. Simple XML Framework goal is to provide an XML framework that enables rapid development of XML configuration and communication systems.

This framework aids the development of XML systems with minimal effort and reduced errors. The framework borrows ideas and concepts from existing XML tools such as C# XML serialization and other proprietary frameworks, and combines those ideas resulting in a simple yet extremely powerful tool for using and manipulating XML.

Simple framework with powerful capabilities

The framework used to provide XML serialization is simple to use and revolves around several annotations an a single persister object used to read and write objects to and from XML.

It requires absolutely no configuration

Unlike many of the XML frameworks for Java there are no mappings or configuration required to serialize objects regardless of its complexity. The XML schema is represented using field annotations.

Extremely rapid development with XML

Developing XML configuration and communication systems can be done much quicker that through the use of XML frameworks such as DOM, SAX, and even other frameworks such as Digester and XStream.

Converts to and from human editable XML

A primary goal for the framework is that the XML data used to deserialize a serialize objects is human readable. All XML elements and attributes take a simple structure that can be easily created with a text editor.

What's New in This Release:
This release has new XML types that can be used for serialization.
A utility package has been added.

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