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SlimServer is a programme used to feed a digital music player (mp3 et al.) called Squeezebox

License: Freely Distributable
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Developer: Philippe Kehl
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SlimServer is a programme used to feed a digital music player (mp3 et al.) called Squeezebox. Both come from Slim Devices. A DiskStation (or CubeStation) is a network attached storage (NAS) manufactured by Synology.

Usually the SlimServer programme is run on a computer. This implies that the computer has to be running whenever one wants to listen to music. Some of the today available NAS use ucLinux (alias embedded Linux) as their operating system and other well known Free Software for the services (e.g. Samba for network storage). Some attempts have been made to run SlimServer on different NAS devices.

SlimServer On DiskStation (SSODS) is an add-on to the DiskStation's firmware (operating system) which provides the environment to run SlimServer on it.

Here are some key features of "SlimServer On DiskStation":
Works with all PowerPC based DiskStations (arm support is experimental).
Easy installation (like a firmware upgrade; no need to reboot, telnet or hack the command line).
Supports SlimServer versions 6.5.x, 6.3.x and v6.2.x.
Supports many 3rd party plugins.
Integrates into the DiskStation's administrative interface.
Supports all internal file formats of the SqueezeBox (AIFF, FLAC, MP3, WAV, Windoze Media, Ogg).
Comes with mplayer, lame, vorbis-tools etc. for on-the-fly transcoding of RTSP and others (only the ppc release!).
Provides facilities to export and import of user data (preferences and playlists).
Supports automatic start on boot of the DS (configurable).
Does not touch the DS' functionality at all and usually allows HDD standby.
A complete deinstallation is possible.
Allows updating the DS firmware (via deinstallation, upgrade, re-installation).
Reasonable performance (depending on the DS model used).

What's New in This Release:
This release comes with a slightly updated documentation and a few code cleanups.

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