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SlimServer provides an elegant and easy to use interface for playback of music stored in many audio formats, and supports Internet ra

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 13119K
Developer: Slim Devices, Inc.
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SlimServer provides an elegant and easy to use interface for playback of music stored in many audio formats, and supports Internet radio stations, playlist management, Web access, and an infrared remote control.

The music remains on the host computer and streams over the network to any streaming audio client.

This robust Open Source software includes contributions from a worldwide community of developers who are driven by the desire to work on exciting projects.

The efforts of Slim Devices' Open Source community results in rapid development and a rich set of features, evolving in response to user feedback.

Here are some key features of "SlimServer":
Web Interface control the player and manage playlists from a web browser
MP3 Internet radio
Alarm clock
Automatically imports iTunes library and playlists (Windows and Mac)
Automatically imports ID3 tags
Browse and search by title, artist, album or genre
Shuffle and repeat albums or songs
Create, save, and import .pls, .cue and .m3u playlist files
Displays current date and time when not playing
Open protocol and command line API easy to control from other applications
Expandable through 3rd party plug-ins and skins
Supports multiple synchronized players
Cross platform Open Source software, written in Perl (GPL)
Listen from any computer using an MP3 software player (Winamp or iTunes)

What's New in This Release:
Firmware Updates:
Update to Firmware 55 for Squeezebox2/Squeezebox v3.

Bug fixes.
Update to Firmware 54 for Squeezebox2/Squeezebox v3.

Bug fixes.
Update to Firmware 50 for Squeezebox2/Squeezebox v3.
Added support for WMA Voice decoding.

3rd Party Integration:
Added support for Rhapsody.

Internet Radio:
New Slim Devices Picks plugin.
New Shoutcast plugin supporting their new XML feed, including search support.
New RadioIO plugin with support for user logins.
New web interfaces for Slim Devices Picks, Live Music Archive, Podcast Browser, and RSS News Ticker.
Fixed Live365 display of currently playing track.
Buffering status is displayed while loading a radio stream.
Improved title and bitrate display for WMA and MP3 radio stations.

Web Interface:
The last-selected player is now remembered using a cookie.
Added ability to switch a player to SqueezeNetwork using the web.

Softsqueeze 2.7:
Updates to Softsqueeze skins.

Bug Fixes:
#1434 - SB2 missing end of FLAC files
#1627 - RSS blocks on DNS failure
#1664 - Broken feeds should be skipped in RSS screensaver
#1827 - Need buffering feedback
#2127 - SB2 doesn't yet support the WMA Voice codec
#2419 - Interational characters in playlist filenames
#2463 - Squeezebox2 crashes while scanning MP3 files (not FLAC)
#2510 - "Now Playing" out of sync with what's really playing
#2597 - when overwriting a wpa or wpa2 password with # buttons, first position is skipped
#2602 - Squeezebox locks until next track
#2639 - Give a useful warning message when trying to run the installer on Mac OS X below 10.3
#2646 - wma files created by Media Jukebox 8 don't play in sb2/3 ...
#2693 - slashdot and bbc rss entries don't work lately
#2723 - Shouldn't show mms: URLs
#2757 - option to not follow symlinks or duplicate awareness with symlinks
#2790 - Slimserver won't read through a Windows Shortcut for playlists
#2814 - Curly Apostrophe in Genre Title Renders Incorrectly
#2846 - KQED is not able to play beyond the initial promo file
#2873 - this mms stream plays for a minute or two then quits
#2938 - this wma vbr file seems to not be able to play all the wa...
#2944 - Silent gaps introduced into audio output (esp. with WMA VBR)
#2976 - Albums with same name - tracks get merged
#2990 - dolby digital flac files do not playback gapless
#2997 - DHCP/Auto-IP is very unfriendly
#2998 - "malloc_failed" error message on SB3 when modifying router settings...
#3014 - XMLBrowser/RSS ticker needs real entity support
#3032 - Wireless Bridge / Firmware crash
#3034 - D-link DI-524UP
#3046 - VA artists incorrecly displayed in Browse Genre
#3056 - add enhanced support for radioIO premium content
#3059 - Transition between tracks causes audible artifacts
#3065 - change sox binary for linkstation bins?
#3104 - XMLBrowser should add track names to tracks when playing
#3115 - Synced player -> SN -> Sign-Off, crashes SlimServer
#3141 - Unable to type characters "crsvx" in to certain text input fields.
#3146 - Squeezebox cannot connect to 2wire 1700hg in WEP-open mode
#3164 - the last 10 seconds or so of this WMA CBR file do not get played
#3165 - rss URL ending in .php fails to parse
#3175 - Crash trying to browse real audio files
#3176 - Java certificate expired
#3242 - If an RSS feed that has moved is requested, SlimServer fails to retrieve the file from the new location.
#3254 - Common album titles with group multi-disc albums as single doesn't work
#3265 - Auto-upgrade setting too sensitive to repeat on remote
#3266 - View Current Settings should just be "Current Settings"
#3293 - Clear database & rescan doesn't really "clear"
#3303 - 24 bits / 48 kHz FLAC files do no play continuously.
#3309 - Port RSSNews to SimpleAsyncHTTP
#3311 - shouldn't be able to rename/delete iTunes: playlists
#3314 - RPM fails to install on Fedora Core 5
#3322 - Manually setting compilation status doesn't work
#3326 - some ape files with ID3v2.3 headers are not parsed properly
#3336 - Now playing incorrectly updated when switching shuffle on/off and synced
#3341 - Incorrect Genre tags
#3349 - SlimServer service fails to start after upgrade
#3360 - SB3 became SB2 after flashing FW48
#3361 - SHOUTcast seems to only give me 24-30 results no matter how i have it set
#3362 - Live365 and session IDs
#3627 - synchronization broken in Softsqueeze 2.5
#3380 - display name of shortcuts inconsistent
#3381 - Fade in/out locks up Squeezebox
#3390 - file mod time should be checked right before playing and rescanned if changed
#3392 - multiple genre tags for ID3v2.4 (null separated) not supported
#3393 - Request for slimserver browser title change
#3394 - change wording of "wpa2 (aes)" to "WPA2 Personal" in setup
#3396 - AAC/M4A HTTP streaming does not work
#3397 - AsyncHTTP somehow broken?
#3399 - playing saved favorites using remote is broken
#3404 - Playlist pane not updated when player is changed
#3411 - Wma file only plays part way
#3420 - Need to add module Digest::SHA1 for ppc-linux support
#3425 - Update quickstart online help page to be in sync with latest users guide.
#3427 - Playlist support broken in 6.3.0 (playlists disappear)
#3435 - title format wrong on player when browse playlist
#3437 - Patch: Maps J. River's MC "Disc #" tag to "DISCNUMBER"
#3439 - Incorrect tool-tip for MoodLogic Icon in Fishbone web Interface
#3452 - Up/down arrow should cycle through characters for last key
#3456 - Scan for new and changes misses ID3 tag changes
#3459 - Generating MoodLogic instant mix from remote does not work
#3483 - object method "symbols" not in
#3505 - Short fwd followed by long rew on remote causes SB3 reboot
#3523 - Add support for xmlUrl attribute in OPML files
#3525 - downgrading from 6.5 to 6.3 causes crash
#3551 - Radio Tune In adds stream twice
#3552 - Rhapsody no longer plays after player has been on a long time
#3578 - Rhapsody imported M4A track crashes Slimserver on scan of library
#3581 - Emply playlist triggers infinite loop in code.
#3582 - Various artists setting blocks selection of other artists
#3588 - Compilation flag is ignored for "no album" songs
#3589 - Parsing for File:// URLs under windows fails when drive letter included.
#3601 - Slimserver crashes when deleting a deleted playlist
FAQ link in help section points to new which is kept up to date.

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