SPBLinux 2.1b13 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Christian Ostheimer
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SPBLinux is a modular mini distribution that runs completely in RAM.

SPBLinux can be booted from USB, based on Busybox and Midnight Commander, optional with DirectFB and (since version 2.1) Mozilla; it is possible to create/modify own modules inside SPBLinux.

Here are some key features of "SPBLinux":
loads from USB storage or other boot devices
runs in RAM; after bootup no access to boot device required
basic system fits on two 1.4 MB floppy disks (Linux 2.6 with midnight commander)
all other components are added as addons: bz2 (and sqf) files in subfolders of folder spblinux on the boot device
choice which addon subfolders are loaded is at boot time (grub menu and/or grub edit); command loadaddon allows to load addons manually when SPBLinux is running.
SPBLinux can be built and modified inside SPBLinux
the command changebz2 your_addon.bz2 opens the addon with midnight commander
if the gentoo chroot environment is installed, programs can be emerged and compiled
more information is in the SPBLinux Wiki
targeted users:
users who want to create their own customized system
support and documentation:
installation on fat formatted USB devices
run SPBLinux and use the scrip makebootable

What's New in This Release:
SPBLinux runs smoothly and fast inside coLinux:
standard disclaimer: coLinux and the X server XMing are beta software and might crash your pc
Scribus 1.23 compiled for Linux runs as as window of Windows XP (screenshot)
(the package scribus-spb2-colinux-xp.zip contains all required components)
english (default) and german user interface preconfigured
access from SPBLinux to Windows by a shared folder
user who want to make their own customized version of SPBLinux/coLinux can start with minimal-spb2-colinux-xp.zip
SPBLinux, only textmode (if graphical programs are wanted the scribus package should be used as starting point)
ssh daemon running (default root password is root)
optional, access from SPBLinux to Windows by a shared folder

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