Stacniac 1.0 review

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Stacniac is an RPN calculator program

License: Freeware
File size: 53K
Developer: Nick Howes
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Stacniac is an RPN calculator program. You may download and use it for free (but donations are gratefully accepted - click on the button below).

You may link to this page. Please don't redistribute Stacniac; please don't decompile it or modify it.

Stacniac is 'slightly odd' in that it doesn't have buttons: you enter numbers and then type in commands. Apparently, most people prefer algebraic calculators and like to click on buttons, so I don't think Stacniac will have wide appeal; however, I like RPN and prefer to run the calculator from the keyboard.

Stacniac has a fairly large set of commands which are invoked by typing short (but hopefully obvious) words. Stacniac is programmable in a limited way.

Java 1.3 or later

What's New in This Release:
changed quit handling for Jaguar.

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