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Stuff Tools project comprises a bunch of perl modules and utility programs

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 54K
Developer: Matthew Gates
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Stuff Tools project comprises a bunch of perl modules and utility programs. There's some useful, erm, stuff in there. Some examples:

groupby - Provides statistical aggregation function for textual input in the unix fiter program tradition.

sq, dq - Trivial quoting programs to help use find & xargs with filenames that contain whitespace. sq=single quote, dq=double quote.

ascii2morse - You want to type out morse code with a QWERTY keyboard, right?

sumup - Adds up numbers in the unix filter style. Outputs statistical operations on set - sum, mean etc. It can also can output is proper byte units like KiB

dms2dec - Degrees, minutes and seconds to decimal. Useful for people who make angular measurements.

remdup - Searches a directory tree for files with the same contents (based on md5 or sha1 checksum). For files where there are duplicates, it removes all but one, replaceing them with a link to the one "master" copy of the file. This program was written with for saving on disk space with the open clipart librar where there seem to be a lot of duplicate files.

These are only really examples of how to use the perl modules. The modules contain a variety of nice utility functions including, but not limited to:

Convenient and flexible pretty debugging output
Keep pod docs in your programs and generate usage info directly - no need to maintain two files. Yes this is more of less the same as doing "pod2text ... $0", but a lot cleaner to use.
operations on numerical ranges
tabular output of data (alternative to perl "write" which is better for some kinds of data)
morse code parsing and conversion, including American Morse dialect (something the existing CPAN morse modules don't do)
CSV creation and parsing from an to arrays. With proper escaping of quotes and delimiters.

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