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Summary is a web server log analysis and traffic monitoring

License: Shareware
File size: 4187K
Developer: Jason T. Linhart
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Summary is a web server log analysis and traffic monitoring. Summary gives you the tools to get the information you need. With over 200 reports, many of them unique, Summary gives you the results you want.

Summary project runs on all of the popular systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux x86. With many unique reports and responsive technical support, Summary tells you more.

Here are some key features of "Summary":
Summary works with logs from the following servers (and many others)

Apache - some log formats will require manual configuration
Apple Personal Web Server
Apple Share IP - version 5.0 or higher
Demon Internet
FileMaker Pro - with some limitations
iPlanet Web Server
Lotus Domino - when set to NCSA Common format only
Mac OS X Server
Microsoft IIS
Microsoft Personal Web Server for Macintosh
NCSA httpd
Netscape web servers, including FastTrack, Commerce, and Enterprise
O'Reilly WebSite Professional
OS X bulitin web server
Rumpus - version 1.2 or higher, earlier versions with some limitations
Sun Java System Web Server
Web Server 4D
WebSTAR - version 1.2.1 or higher
WebTen - when set to produce NCSA Common or NCSA Combined format logs
Zeus - when set to produce NCSA Common or NCSA Combined format logs
and many others

Summary will automatically recognize the following log formats

Demon Internet native log format
Microsoft IIS native format from version 3 or newer
NCSA Combined (sometimes called NCSA Extended)
NCSA Common (sometimes called Common Log File Format)
O'Reilly WebSite Professional native format
WebSTAR (used by several others: QuidProQuo, Web Server 4D, etc.)
W3C Extended Log Format (ExLF) with or without Microsoft extensions
WN Verbose
WU-FTP xferlog log format

30 day free trial

Linux running on x86 family hardware
FreeBSD running on x86 family hardware, with the Linux emulator (most newer FreeBSD systems include it)

What's New in This Release:
This release includes completely redesigned overviews.
The overviews are now task oriented, and include pie charts and interactive bar charts and line graphs.
The new overviews put all the information you might need for several common tasks all in one place.
There is a new appearance throughout.
Now uses CSS and supports recent HTML standards.

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