Tiny ERP 4.0.0 RC1 review

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Tiny ERP is a free enterprise management software

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ga?tan de Menten
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Tiny ERP is a free enterprise management software. Tiny ERP project covers all domains for small to medium businesses; accounting, stock management, customer relationship, sales, purchases, project management, ...

Here are some key features of "Tiny ERP":
Management and financial accounting
Double-entry stock management
Monitoring sales
Automating tasks
Human Ressources
Managing and monitoring purchases

What's New in 3.4.2 Stable Release:
This release features mainly bugfixes: fixed taxes in the delivery module, fixed a problem when no active pricelist version was found, corrected the price computation method in some rare cases, get the product price from the price list even when the quantity is set after the product, and fixed a rather important problem with partial pickings.

What's New in 4.0.0 RC1 Development Release:
Simplifications to allow non IT people to install, use and configurate Tiny ERP:
database management system within the client
backup, restore, create and duplicate new databases
multi-databases system
module management system within the client: create your own specific version installing modules for your need.
An installation wizard system for new databases
with/without demo
selection of preconfigured profiles (manufacturing, services,...)
directly in your own language
selection and configuration of the chart of accounts, ...
A step by step configuration menu
Contextual help in the client
Better Windows auto-installer
* More accounting functionnalities:
New charts of accounts supported for different countries:
be, be_frnl, id, uk, ca-qc, br, it, us_general, ch, ca_en, it_cc2424, us_manufacturing ch_pcpbl_association, ca_fr, la, us_service, ch_pcpbl_independant, ch_german, nl, us_ucoa ch_pcpbl_menage, cn, nl_standard, us_ucoa_ez, ch_pcpbl_plangen, cn_traditional, no, ve, ch_pcpbl_plangensimpl, co, pa, fr, ch_vat_brut, cz, pl, se, ch_vat_forfait, da, sp, simple, ch_vat_net, de_datev_skr03, sw, at, de_skr03, sw_church, au, hu, sw_food
Management of the VAT (at partner/product level, legal report, ...)
Bank statement forms, better encoding in journals
More reports and functionnalities (invoice on timesheet, theorical revenues, budgets, ...)
* Much more better ergonomy:
Better menu with big icons like a toolbar
Buttons on the right of each forms with possible actions
Better ergonomy in editable lists
* Lots of new modules:
sale/account/purchase_tax_include: allows to use prices included taxes or not per document
CRM reviewed:
email gateway (interface to encode/update case automaticly)
rule system, sections
sale_journal, stock_journal...:
allows to use journals in sales, pickings for dispatching tasks
group actions: confirm all invoices, so of the days
stats by journal
joomla interface (and oscommerce/zencart to be tested)
purchase invoice control on multiple levels
invoicing method on partner, so, picking
invoice from pickings and delivery methods
lots of new reports for statistics

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