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TK10 is a Bottlerocket GUI for Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: M. Corral
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TK10 is a Bottlerocket GUI for Linux. TK-10 is written in Tcl/Tk.

I wrote TK10 because I wanted a GUI application to control my X10 devices, and I wanted it to look and function like the HR12A controller that comes with the X10 Firecracker kit.

If you are familiar with the HR12A then you will find TK10 very easy to use. The on/off/dim buttons, device letter dial, and device number range switch work just like in the HR12A. You can even edit the device labels!


To install TK10 the easy way, just run the script as root.

Alternatively, to install TK10 manually, do the following:

1. Copy the file tk10 to somewhere in your PATH (e.g. /usr/bin)
2. mkdir -p /usr/share/tk10-0.1
3. Copy the remaining files to /usr/share/tk10-0.1
(Note: if you can not create the directory /usr/share/tk10-0.1, then
pick another directory and modify the line below in tk10:
set MAINDIR "/usr/share/tk10-0.1"
to use the directory of your choice.)
4. Copy the file tk10.1 to somewhere in your MANPATH (e.g. /usr/man/man1).

TK10 assumes that your Tk interpreter is /usr/bin/wish. You may have to modify the first line of the tk10 file to reflect the correct location (e.g. #!/usr/local/bin/wish).

An optional icon (tk10.xpm) is included for use with window managers that support icons.

After installation, just run the command tk10.

Tcl/Tk 8.4 or higher

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