TOM programming language 2.5 review

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Tom is a software environment for defining transformations in Java

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Pierre-Etienne Moreau
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Tom is a software environment for defining transformations in Java. TOM programming language is an extension of Java designed to manipulate tree structures and XML documents. It is compatible with Java: a Java program is a correct Tom program.

Data are represented using an efficient tree based data-structure. Java built-ins (int, char, String, etc) can be used. Tom provides pattern matching facilities to inspect objects and retrieve values. A powerful strategy language can be used to control transformations.

What's New in This Release:
The Eclipse plugin is now available again.
In the %match construct, the sort of the subject is now optional.
It is automatically inferred from the patterns when possible.
Gom generates congruence strategies and offers new functionalities, such as the length of a list.
A new "!" construct can be used to denote anti-patterns.
The strategy library has been extended such that strategy expressions can be matched, like any other term.
A strategy can now take another strategy in its argument.
Support for Java bytecode analysis and transformation has been added.

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