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tzoperl is a Perl Client-Daemon for TZO DDNS Services

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 31K
Developer: Jeff Cronstrom
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tzoperl is a Perl Client-Daemon for TZO DDNS Services. The service works with dial-up, DSL, Cable Modems, ISDN, and most types of connections that get you connected to the Internet.

The TZO Perl v2 is the preferred TZO client as it requires no compilation of code.. just run the text-based wizard installer to configure. You may install TZO Perl v2 as a system daemon/service for automatically start during system boot-up.

This client is tested and has full installer support for Redhat Linux, Apple Mac OS X, Sun Solaris and FreeBSD. Other versions of Linux and UNIX are also supported (including versions of Cobolt that TZO does not have a special package for).

This code is released under the GPL license and may be modified for additional software platforms. Experimental (limited) support exists for other UNIX, Microsoft Windows (ActiveState Perl), MacPerl and Novell.

TZO offers Domain Registration Services and Dynamic Domain Registration Service (Official Registrar), SMTP Mail Store and Forward, and Web Hosting options for users with
Static or Dynamic IP Addresses(you can host multiple virtual domains with your one IP Address). TZO also allows for DNS Hosting/Parking Services for Cable and DSL users as well as standard ethernet and PPP. Host Private Domains on your Linux Server with a Dynamic IP Address. Private Domains are less that $60 per year if your domain is already registered!

What's New in This Release:
Fixed file collision bug (TZO v. tzo) occuring on Apple OSX and Microsoft Windows.
WIN32: Moved some file-path targets into a hash array to make future Windows/other OS support easier. Lots more needs to be done.
Some cleanup of the code flagged future code updates with comments. Created TODO file.
OSX: Created README.osx in osx folder
OSX: Fixed StartupItems 'TZO' file to work more in line with other OSX startup scripts. The script does not handle Shutdown and restart commands properly (yet), but the actual tzo daemon can be shut down using 'tzo -q'.
OSX: Moved INIT script from /System/Library/StartupItems to /Library/StartupItems

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