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WmCdrom is a dock application for WindowMaker

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 38K
Developer: Matteo Lucarelli
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WmCdrom is a dock application for WindowMaker. When launched WmCdrom creates a 48 x 48 pixel showing an icon (centered in a 64 x 64 pixel tile). To dock WmCdrom, left-click on the border of the tile and drag the tile to the dock area.

By clicking the icon you can mount,unmount,eject and launch a filemanager.

The first left-click will mount the media.
The second left-click will launch a filemanager on the mount point.
The first right-click will unmount the media.
The second right-click will eject the media (when supported).


Unpack the archive: tar xjf wmcdrom-0.x.tar.bz2
Verify the PREFIX setting in the Makefile. wmcdrom will install to /usr/X11R6/bin
Type make
As root, type make install
Launch wmcdrom and then drag the icon to the dock

You can test wmcdrom before install it by lunching (from source directory):

./wmcdrom -i cd /dev/hdc

(supposing your cdrom device is /dev/hdc)

WARNING: use the same device of your fstab ("less /etc/fstab" to verify)

Xlib devel-version
gdk_pixbuf devel version

What's New in This Release:
now filemanager fork

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