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wmclock is a dock application for WindowMaker

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Brian Schau
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wmclock is a dock application for WindowMaker. When launched wmclock creates a 48 x 48 pixel analog clock within a 64 x 64 pixel tile. To dock wmclock, left-click on the border of the tile and drag the tile to the dock area.


wmclock [-H] [-d dingfile] [-s seconds] [-u microseconds]

-H: play sounds as if clock is in AM/PM mode - that is, ding 10 times if time is 22.00.
-d dingfile: .wav file to use when sounding the hourly and half-hourly bell. No dingfile means no sound.
-s seconds: sleep time (in seconds) between dings.
-u microseconds: sleep time (in microseconds) between dings.

It is perfectly legal to specify either -s or -u - the other will default to 0. It is also perfectly legal to omit -s and -u ...

wmclock currently only looks nice in 64x64 pixels icon size.

What's New in This Release:
Added the -H flag.

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