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wzdftpd is a modular and portable FTP server, which supports SSL, IPv6, multithreading, and external scripts

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: pollux
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wzdftpd is a modular and portable FTP server, which supports SSL, IPv6, multithreading, and external scripts. It uses Unix-like permissions and ACLs, with virtual users and groups.

wzdftpd project also supports bandwith limitation (per user, per group, or globally), group administrators, and per command authorization.

Here are some key features of "wzdftpd":
Simple configuration file, supporting inclusions
Online administration, using SITE commands
Backends to store users/groups in different structures
Modules: internal, using shared librairies, or external (scripts/applications), and protocols
Extensions scripts can be written in TCL or Perl
Powerfull event system
Jobs scheduler, also known as crontab
Users are virtual: you do not need to create users in system
SSL/TLS support
IPv6 support (Experimental)
Server is designed to run as a non-privileged user to enforce security
Server can detect ip changes (dynamic ips) and set ip and passive ip accordingly
Cross devices operations (copy/move) (though can be slow)
Logging support (compatible with the wu-ftpd standard)
Designed for high performances: coded with C, multithreaded
Portable: runs on linux, BSD and windows

Moreover, wzdftpd is based on a particular philosophy:

free software: wzdftpd is, and will remain free software, meaning you have complete access to the source code, the right to modify it, and the right to redistribute it.
transparency: source code is documented, and available to everyone. The bug-tracker database is also freely accessible, and any bug report will be considered appropriately.
designed for users: any idea/suggestion is welcome, and even if all will not be implemented, they will be taken into consideration.
respect of licenses: all libraries or code fragments used by wzdftpd are used in proper respect to the author's license. Any file/feature/library in contradiction with this idea will be removed immediatly.

What's New in This Release:
The most important change is the migration to cmake (although it is not mandatory; autoconf is still supported).
Some bugs were fixed to avoid problems with data connection on timeout, or when a file is overwritten by a smaller one.
This release adds support for BNC (using IDNT) and events WIPE and PREWIPE.

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