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YOURI stands for "Youri Offers an Upload & Repository Infrastucture"

License: Perl Artistic License
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Developer: YOURI project
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YOURI stands for "Youri Offers an Upload & Repository Infrastucture". YOURI project aims to build tools making management of a coherent set of packages easier.

Running a package distribution project involves a lot of tasks:

allow individual maintainers to upload packages in a central repository
create packages index for packages managers such as urpmi or yum
synchronise developement resources such as CVS or bugzilla
advertise new packages
sign packages numerically
check individual packages consistency
check global repository consistency

The quick'n'dirty approach of using a pile of dedicated shell scripts, with hardcoded distributer-specific policies, generally results quickly in a maintainance nightmare for admins and a discrepancy nightmare for users. YOURI aims to leverage those issues by providing a generic package management framework, focused on code reusability and modularity.



To install, just use:
perl Makefile.PL
make test

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