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ZoneMinder is are applications intended for use in video camera security applications, including theft prevention and child or family

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1228K
Developer: Philip Coombes
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ZoneMinder is are applications intended for use in video camera security applications, including theft prevention and child or family member monitoring.

It supports capture, analysis, recording, and monitoring of video data coming from one or more video or network cameras attached to a Linux system. It also features a user-friendly Web interface which allows viewing, archival, review, and deletion of images and movies captured by the cameras.

The image analysis system is highly configurable, permitting retention of specific events, while eliminating false positives. ZoneMinder supports both directly connected and network cameras and is built around the definition of a set of individual 'zones' of varying sensitivity and functionality for each camera.

This allows the elimination of regions which should be ignored or the definition of areas which will alarm if various thresholds are exceeded in conjunction with other zones. All management, control, and other functions are supported through the Web interface.

Here are some key features of "ZoneMinder":
Runs on any Linux distribution!
Supports video, USB and network cameras.
Built on standard tools, C++, perl and php.
Uses high performance MySQL database.
High performance independent video capture and analysis daemons allowing high failure redundancy.
Multiple Zones (Regions Of Interest) can be defined per camera. Each can have a different sensitivity or be ignored altogether.
Large number of configuration options allowing maximum performance on any hardware.
User friendly web interface allowing full control of system or cameras as well as live views and event replays.
Supports live video in mpeg video, multi-part jpeg and stills formats.
Support event replay in mpeg video, multi-part jpeg, stills and statisticss formats
User defined filters allowing selection of any number of events by combination of characteristics in any order.
Event notification by email or SMS including attached still images or video of specific events by filter.
Automatic uploading of matching events to external FTP storage for archiving and data security.
Includes bi-directional X10 (home automation protocol) integration allowing X10 signals to control when video is captured and for motion detection to trigger X10 devices.
Highly partitioned design allow other hardware interfacing protocols to be added easily for support of alarm panels etc.
Multiple users and user access levels
Multi-language support with many languages already included
Full control script support allowing most tasks to be automated or added to other applications.
Prototype mobile/cellular phone access, enhanced interface coming soon

What's New in This Release:
This release is is a wrap-up release that contains fixes to a number of reported bugs.
It also adds several features relating to usability, XHTML, and X.10.

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