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AFT is a document preparation system

License: Artistic License
File size: 102K
Developer: Maroc
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AFT is a document preparation system. It is mostly free form meaning that there is little intrusive markup. AFT source documents look a lot like plain old ASCII text.

AFT has a few rules for structuring your document and these rules have more to do with formatting your text rather than embedding commands.

Right now, AFT produces pretty good HTML, LaTeX, lout and RTF. It can, in fact, be coerced into producing all types of output (e.g. roll-your-own XML). All that needs to be done is to edit a rule file. You can even customize your own HTML rule files for specialized output.


Run ./configure and then make install.

What's New in This Release:
aft-html.dat and aft-tex.dat

Removed the historical hack: using to produce a line break. This was never documented, so it shouldn't cause too much pain to have it removed. If it does cause pain, let me know. You could always use a pragma to (re)implement this feature/hack.
In the meantime... A new rule element: LineBreak has been introduced so that internal reliance on goes away. LineBreak has not been exposed to the end user (yet).

Fixed a small bug concerning line continuations in verbatim mode: Line continuations are no longer parsed when in verbatim mode. What you type is what you should get.

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