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hipergate is an open source web based application suite. It's mission is to cover a full range of technical requirements in any or

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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hipergate is an open source web based application suite.

It's mission is to cover a full range of technical requirements in any organization. All applications are addresses from Internet Explorer, without needing any other additional software in the client computer.

This suite is multi-company capable, and can be used in a single company, a corporate group or working as an ASP solution capable of serving an unlimited cuantity of single customers.

What makes hipergate unique?

- It is completely free.
- It is the only Open Source application with such a wide functional coverage.
- Runs on multiple databases and operating systems
- Has a unitary conceptual design and implementation.
- Is adequate for being used by Application Service Providers.
- Supports multiple languages.
- Has a professional services support network.
- Is well documented.

Collaborative tools and Groupware Module

- Private and/or shared calendar and diary.
- Discussion forums, open or moderated.
- Frequently Asked Questions manager.
- Employees directory.
- Reservation of shared resources (rooms, equipement).

Contact Management Module

- Clients, Suppliers, Competitors and Partners.
- Personal and group contacts.
- Multiple addresses per contact.
- Local offices management and separate storage for each one.
- Sales Pipeline Management (Bussiness oportunities)
- Different kinds of distributions lists.
- Import from Windows Address Book (Outlook Express)
- Import from data files (text, Excel).

Project Management and Support Issues Tracking Module

- Hierarchic projects tree.
- Pending tasks tracking.
- Issues control.
- SLA and maintenance contracts.

eShop Module

- Multiple product catalogs.
- Unlimited hierarchy of products.
- Custom attributes per product.
- Stock management, with multiple warehouses.
- Order and Invoice management.
- Modular and extensible Payment Processing.

Content Management Module

- e-mail templates.
- website templates.
- Electronic forms.
- Web based outgoing fax.
- Can include rich media (video, flash).
- Categorized contents management.
- portlets library for content dynamic presentation.

Massive Email Module

- Multiple e-mail management addressed to distribution lists.
- Message reception statistics.

Coporate Library

- 100% web based virtual disk.
- Role based security for all files.
- Can read and index OLE documents properties.
- Shared bookmarks.
- Bookmarks Import/Export.

Roles based security

- Multiple isolated security domains.
- Unlimited users and groups.
- Predefined groups for rapid application rollout.
- Security can be implemented in a company and/or departament basis.
- Can be integrated with a LDAP directory.

Hierarchic data management

- Geographic thesaurus.
- Lexical thesaurus.
- Object categorization.

Queries and Reports

- Rapid query wizard (forms based).
- Excel export.
- Online reports in HTML format.
- All reports can be sent via e-mail.

Job Scheduler

- Process queue management.
- Background multi-thread executor.

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