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EpiGrass is a simulator of epidemics over networks

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Flavio Codeco Coelho
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EpiGrass is a simulator of epidemics over networks. EpiGrass is a scientific tool created for simulations and scenario analysis in Network epidemiology.

For an in depth description of Epigrass capabilities, please refer to the documentation.

EpiGrass can interact with the GRASS GIS from which it can obtain maps and other geo-referenced information. However, EpiGrass does not require an installation of the GRASS GIS for most of its features.

Epigrass is free-software, licensed under the Gnu public license (GPL).

Currently, EpiGrass is supported only on the Gnu/Linux platform. If you would like to see it run on other platforms, you can volunteer to oversee the porting to a given platform. Since Epigrass is written entirely in Python, porting to other platforms should be very easy. However this is not the main priority of the EpiGrass development team.

What's New in This Release:
Added French Translation;
many bugs fixed.

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