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JIBS is a Java Image Browser and Sorter. Here are some key features of "JIBS": Slide Shows · Run Slide Shows in Full-Screen

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Gerhard Beck
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JIBS is a Java Image Browser and Sorter.

Here are some key features of "JIBS":
Slide Shows

Run Slide Shows in Full-Screen mode
Automatically resizes pictures down to fit screen

Use key board to control manual slide shows

CheckmarkGo forward one picture with the space bar, down arrow, right arrow
Checkmark Go backward one picture with up arrow, left arrow
Checkmark Go forward/backward 10% with page down/up
Checkmark Go to beginning/end with home/end
Use Mouse wheel to go forward and backward
Automatically flip pictures at an adjustable interval
Manual controls continue to work during automatic flipping
Easy to see data recorded with picture (camera type, date taken, etc.)


Rotate pictures ±90° by with Left or Right buttons
Resize the pictures 10% with Shrink or Grow buttons
Save the modified picture with the Save button


Easily switch the view directory
Several options for viewing files
See the directorys you have to sort among
See file count for each directory
Create, rename, delete directories
Scroll through directory with large resized picture
Drag pictures to correct directory
View file list of directory while scrolling through it
Drag files from the file list to the sorted directory
Checkmark Move or copy the file
Rename single files
Prepend words to the names of a group of files
Checkmark Especially useful for camera downloads. For example, prepend "soccer" to a group files creating soccerP00001.jpg from P00001.jpg
Drag & Drop works with native file systems

Group Actions

Rename camera files with thier date and time
Checkmark Downloads from cameras are typically named something like P00001.jpg This will rename the file to something like 2003.12.27-18.09.16.jpg giving the exact date and time the picture was taken, formatted to sort correctly in file listings. Works by reading the time and date information recorded when the picture was taken.
Dedup pictures within a directory or across directories
Rename a group of files by appending a unique designator
Checkmark Especially useful for internet downloads where the downloads can have the same names (for example 001.jpg). JIBS will generate a new unique name like 001zxy00001.jpg. The next 001.jpg you download would be renamed with a different number like 001zxy00045.jpg. So now when you drag and drop there won't be name clashes.
Strain out all non-image files
Checkmark Strained files are placed in Park for your perusal
Resize a group of files
Optimize a group of files
Checkmark Useful for downloaded files that are slow to display
Merge a group of files
CheckmarkUseful for recombining a movie split into several mpeg files

Contact Sheets

Preview & print thumbnails of you pictures
CheckmarkUseful for when you aren't at the computer


Runs on any platform supporting Java 1.4
Checkmark Windows
Checkmark Mac
Checkmark Linux
Checkmark Sun Solaris

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
Updates way files are saved and contact sheet header and footer options.

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