ktvschedule 0.1.9 review

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ktvschedule is a front end for xmltv, based on KDE 3

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 467K
Developer: Alexios Beveratos
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ktvschedule is a front end for xmltv, based on KDE 3. It shows TV program listings in a calendar view.

What's New in This Release:
Upgrade :

Added systemtray
Added Credits of Tv shows (Actors, Guests, Producers)
Added link to imdb for each actor in the menu
Added Translations (german full, french partial, greek zero)
Added possibility to choose the details one wants to display
Changed grabber configuration menu. Takes in account the differences between each tv_grab
Show in the tray icon the current shows.
Added (first) support for nxtvepg. At the moment it only supports showing of the nxtvepg xml file. Updating should be done by the user
Added control of row heights.
Added horizontal bar at current time.
Upgraded tv_grab configuration menu

BugFix :

Probably the last fix needed for sorting and icons in function of the different grabbers
If show is 2 lines long or less than 10 mins show text is cut. Fixed
Tv_Grab did not quits after ktvschedule quits. Fixed
Fixed minimum size of ComboBox in case of empty combolist
Manage channel button is disabled while refreshing guide

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